Drug Rehab in Northbrook, Illinois

If you are looking for a safe, caring and comfortable drug rehab center in Northbrook, Illinois, then you should consider the McLean Institute, a substance abuse treatment facility with many satisfied clients. In addition to undergoing drug detoxification, rehabilitation, and graduating to outpatient care, applicable clients will be treated for anxiety, depression, or trauma. In some cases, these underlying conditions are present long before addiction sets in, and by detecting and treating the co-occurring disorders, the client is less likely to suffer a relapse and begin using drugs again.


At the McLean Institute drug rehab facility, clients will go through a safe detox where they are always cared for and monitored by a caring and experienced staff. During this period, they will be supervised continuously, as this is a crucial first step in recovering from addiction. The detox process can be very harsh on a client, especially if they used frequently, or if they used a variety of drugs.


Part of detox is withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can be mild or extremely severe, so it's important that you are under the care of experts in treating addiction recovery clients. At the McLean Institute in Northbrook, Illinois, personnel will review your drug use history and overall health to determine what withdrawal symptoms you may experience and make sure you are in no danger.

Once you have cleared the detox and you are not having any strong withdrawal symptoms, then you will move on to rehabilitation.

Individual Therapy

You will have time to realize how bad the drugs were for you and the negative effects they had on you, and how that affected others in your life. You will get to focus on yourself and why you began using in the first place. You will be given guidance to figure out what you need to change in your life so you can avoid feeling like you need to turn to drugs again. You will learn to put your responsibilities first and to take up hobbies you love so you are less likely to turn back to the lifestyle of addiction.


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Group Therapy

In group therapy, everyone can share stories, which will help to serve as a reminder of why it's important to stay clean. It's important that everyone shares in the group and speaks honestly about what they have experienced. In this group setting, being with those who are in a similar situation helps to alleviate some of your grief. You all can support each other and encourage one another to do better in the future.

Family Therapy

In an addiction recovery facility, family therapy is usually the last stage of rehabilitation from drug addiction that is carried out within the facility. Family members want to know you have healed and are strong enough to live on your own. Also, it's possible that others were hurt due to your addiction, and this is a time when you can work out any problems with the help of the staff from the addiction treatment center.

After you leave the McLean Institute addiction treatment facility, you are still not quite finished the addiction recovery program. You will still undergo aftercare where you will go to the drug detox clinic for meetings with staff or meet up with other members from your group therapy sessions. Aftercare helps keep you on track, and how long this phase lasts depends on you and your needs.

Time to Conquer Addiction

Are you tired of struggling with addiction? Do you want to overcome substance abuse? At the McLean Institute in Northbrook, Illinois, we’re here to provide you with the tools you need to defeat your addiction. Contact us today and speak with one of our addiction recovery specialists to begin your journey toward recovery.