Drug Rehab in Irvine, California

The McLean Institute addiction recovery center is a national leader in addiction recovery. Our drug rehab facility in Irvine, California is one of the most highly regarded drug rehab centers in the country.

At the McLean Institute, we always approach each client as a whole individual, taking into account their specific background and unique perspective on life. In this way, we aim to focus on providing personal treatment that fits the individual instead of supposing that everyone will be able to recover from addiction in the same way.

We also use dual diagnosis techniques to treat addiction for applicable clients. Roughly half of our clients suffer from co-occurring mental health issues, and these need to be treated too. By utilizing dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we are able to give these clients the best possible chance at reaching recovery.

Monitored Drug Detox Clinic

The general consensus among drug addiction specialists is that trying to detox from drugs by yourself is not only physically dangerous but may result in a terrible relapse.

That’s why the best substance abuse treatment facility locations offer detox on their campuses. Our facility offers this and much more. Our supervised detoxes employ only the best specialists to monitor clients while they are going through their detox. Clients and their families alike are kept comfortable and safe during this time.

Research-Based Individualized Therapy

Because everyone is unique and has their own specific needs, our plans for recovery treatment are customized for each client. We never want a client to feel like they’ve been dropped into a cookie cutter program that was designed to help everyone in the same way. In fact, we are well aware that this is not possible. Each individual will inevitably require a different route to full care.

When you come to our addiction rehab facility, you will be benefitting from a personalized treatment plan that takes your whole person into account. For example, we look at factors such as health concerns, home environment, health history and substance abuse history, current lifestyle and more.


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Extended Care Support Groups

No matter which program path you take, we create a safe and open community for you to be a part of while you’re with us. At our facilities, you can join a group for a larger discussion about addiction. Being in this group session can help you see that others are often going through the same struggles that you are.

Various Forms of Aftercare

Graduating from an addiction recovery facility is a huge accomplishment. With that being said, sobriety and a focus on continued therapy and awareness must continue even after the treatment program has come to an end.

Our addiction treatment facility prepares clients for continuing sober lifestyles through extensive aftercare programs. Clients are able to design their aftercare paths alongside their caregivers. Some clients will feel more comfortable continuing to attend therapy sessions with other alumni while others may prefer to live in an apartment complex that houses only tenants who are living sober lifestyles. The latter is called a sober living facility, and it can be a great transition from treatment to normal life for clients.

Welcome to the McLean Institute Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction recovery is about more than just a short stay at an addiction treatment facility. In a truly dedicated addiction recovery program, progress is made through a variety of treatment avenues. At the McLean Institute, we pride ourselves on being a serious addiction treatment center who has the best interests of our clients at heart at all times.

Don’t let another day go by in which you are held captive by your addiction. Once you start one of our recovery programs, you can feel safe and relaxed in the knowledge that you are working toward a better life and that recovery is in your future. If you’re ready for recovery, contact the McLean Institute in Irvine, California today.